Monday, August 14, 2006

My best friends, the Producers

So my best friends were busy this weekend!
Mama K produced a baby. Wesley was born 1:04 pm on Saturday August 12 at 8 pounds 11 oz's. I went to see Mama K and baby on Saturday evening and both of them looked incredible! Mama K was sporting her brand new Pedi and Wesley was just sooo sweet! He had huge baby hands and looking into his eyes was like looking at his Daddy, we'll call him Papa K. I'm amazed at Mama K, she pulled through like a champ despite a tough labor, she had no epidural!! She's my hero for the week! Oh my gosh and isn't he ADORABLE!!!

Tamara, my other best friend, made an incredible cake for her sister Shasta's bridal shower. Tamara is probably one of the most artistic people I know. She can take that artistic eye and apply it to whatever medium is in front of her. I have soo many things at my house that came from her hands. A hat, paintings, Christmas ornaments, stuff she widdled. She's nuts! Here is the amazing cake she made!! Please comment and tell this woman she needs to start her own business, she truly is amazing!

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mama k said...

Wow! That cake is gorgeous! T you should go into business.
BTW, the baby is pretty cute too.