Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Misadventures of moving

ok so if you know me, you know one thing, I am COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS but only sometimes. See God did some good things when he made me. Like for one thing, He knew I wasn't going to be good at getting gas when needed so He makes it so when I stall out from lack of gas, its at the gas station. As far as the ridiculousness goes, I'm only completely and utterly ridiculous at times when I'm soo stressed out that I really need to be sane. Some may say, well how is that a good thing, let me tell you, it makes for good stories.
So a few weeks ago, i got eaten by an army of small bugs. To date I'm not exactly sure what kind of bugs, I think they were either fleas or chiggers ( i live in the woods). Well my cat was going over my best friend's parents for an extended vacation and all my stuff was coming over the red headed families house. I couldn't very well infest anyones house if it was fleas, so I bombed my house, got the kittie a new collar, and decided to wash every piece of fabric I own before bringing it here. I worked a full day went home and packed up seventeen loads of laundry! I know some of you who know me, know that I'm proned to exageration but I'M NOT HERE!

I loaded up all seventeen loads of laundry and headed to the laundromat. I started unloading the truck and loading the machines. By the time I got done loading SEVENTEEN loads of laundry in the machines, the machines were starting to get done. So I started loading them in the dryer. By the time I got them all in the dryer they were done so i started folding and loading them back in the truck. I get to the last load and I can barely lift my arms to bring it in the truck and I'm literally delirious. I call the Schmoop crying because a. I'm in Medford Lakes and not in my bed b. I have to drive to Sicklerville still c. I have to unload my crap d. I have to drive back home from Sicklerville e. I have not stopped moving for 5 hours.
Anyways I start calling people begging them to help me, noone answers their phone, then my friend answers. She says of course she will help me, do I mind if she plays the saxophone in my car on the way. My answer is, of course, cause its the life of Dirkey and nothing is ever as it seems; but its always funny.

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