Thursday, March 11, 2010

Completely Irrational

So I've been doing pretty good with this pregnancy. Mostly I'm just beat tired, I could (and sometimes do) sleep whenever possible. I haven't had morning sickness too bad, but I have had nausea and some crazy food aversions.

Things that are currently ridiculously disgusting to me:
chicken, turkey, eggs, ice cream, anything in my refrigerator, any meat that is not beef.

Whats been killing me is that I'll go grocery shopping and two days later everything that was ok the week before is suddenly disgusting to me now.

I'm not complaining at all about this cause, I know people have it soo much worse and its for a good reason. Also, I have not been cradling the porcelain god so I am happy. It just makes for interesting meals. Like today nothing at all was remotely appealing to pack for lunch so I got to work and it got to lunch time. I started going through our work file of menus and EVERYTHING looked disgusting and by this point I'm shaking cause my blood sugar is low and I need to eat something. What do I do, I started to cry at my desk. Yep 31 yr old big girl crying at her desk cause she needs to eat lunch and doesn't want anything; it wasn't pretty. I had to talk myself down from the ledge, completely irrational. I ended up just getting some breadsticks cause thats the only thing I could remotely imagine eating and now I'm feeling a bit better.

One good thing-pregnancy pants.
Dude EVERYONE should wear them. They are sooo comfy. I felt funny breaking them out but my appendix scar has been bugging me and the waistband of my other pants sits right on it, not fun. I might buy a pair for my buffet loving brother and sister in law for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

I guess everything has its ups and downs. I'm glad things are progressing well!

Em said...

Love your post! A friend at works is preggo too, just a few weeks ahead of you, and she told me she went through some craziness during her first few it seems that this is all pretty normal:) Good news...she is now past the 3 month mark and she said she's starting to balance out some so, light at the end of the tunnel right? I'm happy you're not too sick, though...that's a great thing!

mama k said...

Crying over food. Classic.
I have definitely been there.

As I said on the phone you need to snack a bit to keep your blood sugar from crashing so bad. That makes it much worse. You'll find your groove and start feeling better soon! said...

I have to agree with Kai. I have been there too. I cried all the time because I was hungry and didn't know what to eat and if I ate it would it stay down????Those long days were no fun. I have to say it does end. I promise. There is only one person I know where it didn't end but it did get better for her by the end. (-:

Some good advice someone gave me is eat what you can keep down for the moment. This theory did help during the first pregnancy. The second pregnancy nothing stayed down. I guess my second baby didn't like anything. (-:
Also been there with the whole scar thing. I actually had to change the underwear I was wearing too. I found that VS has really cumfy ones in the line PINK that don't have a waiste band on them. The band use to bother me.
I have to agree with kai you have to find something pretty bland that you can always eat. I found that I could always stomache a wheat thin or a saltine. But saltines left an after taste in my mouth. I also liked pretzels. Also in my water I put a little juice. It helped. (-: