Monday, March 22, 2010

HUGE sigh of relief

Last night I was at a benefit concert for Haiti and saw about 1,000 people that I knew. Of course it got around that we were expecting, well all last night I was freaking the crap out. I was so worried that I Murphy's Lawed myself out of this pregnancy. Completely rational I know. Thankfully we had our appointment today we had already seen the heartbeat but we hadn't heard it yet. I was practically having a panic attack as we're walking in. Thankfully the midwife I see is awesome and completely reassuring. She advised that we might not hear the baby's heartbeat but to save me from certain freak out she would bring in the ultrasound so we could see the baby if we couldn't hear the heartbeat. So I sat there trying to breath in and breath out an not freak out as she started looking for the heartbeat, literally 5 seconds later we heart the gallop of our little lobsters heart. Such an incredible sound, I totally think my baby has the cutest heartbeat of any baby around.

In other news we drove my little car into the ground this weekend. Which is fine since we were in the market for a 4 door anyway it just makes us look sooner rather than later.


Melody Strayer said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to meet her!!!

(It's a girl, by the way. Just sayin'. ;) )

mama k said...

oh goodness... you are going to be going into a "she's so CUTE. she's so cute. SO cute." non-stop loop when she gets here. hahaha

I think it's a girl too btw. But I'm wrong about half the time.