Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Goodness

We went over my brothers house to babysit my adorable nieces this weekend. It had been awhile since we'd seen them so we were soo happy to do it! They are both ridiculously funny. At one point we asked my niece Gracie (5 yrs old) who her favorite uncle was, of course she said Uncle J. So being the loving sister I am I called my brother and put him on speaker and asked her. She pointed at Uncle J but said Uncle Wil, the little stinker :) We read them books, ran around the house, went on a treasure hunt, played eye spy, played red light/green light, played dress up and generally had a very busy weekend, lol.
Meggie wearing the tutu I made her
My pretty princess
She asked Uncle J to read her a book
but didn't like the view sitting next to him
Me and my Gracie, I look surprised here about something!
Meggie cheasin it up for the camera, love the pig tails!


Anonymous said...

fact checker.....Gracie is 5 not 6

Em said...

I love the second picture (the close up of Meggie)...she is a cutie. Oh, and I cannot believe how much Gracie and you eyes look SO much alike!!!

aunt sara said...

great to see you guys on sunday - found your blog and have bookmarked - now I know where to go to see pix of the fam - LOVED the wedding dance video too - you are SUCH a clever one!