Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just popping in to say Hi

So hi!
I'm done with the office as of Friday, been working on getting my house together. It looks great right now. I've been a cleaning fiend the past few days; laundry is completely done, I organized our toys, cds, cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, scrubbed. I'm currently in the middle of the craziness that is my laundry room. I would post a before picture but to be honest its that bad. I have soooo much stuff in there that I'm finding places for and organizing. I spent a good part of the afternoon organizing my fabric stash and going through craft supplies. I also made 9lbs of sweet potato fries today, yeah, overkill much?!?! Lol, good thing they freeze!!

We also got our Flip Video back in the mail. They ended up sending us a brand new Flip Video, Underwater Case and also another accessory as an "I'm sorry". All in all I'm pretty happy with their customer service and I'm in LOVE with the camera (not so much the UW case). I will be using it a ton with the twinkies. The plan is for them to arrive tomorrow at La Casa de Dirkey. I'm hoping to have the rest of the house in order by the time they get here then I can just focus on getting to know them more (they really have only met me 3 times).

Don't know how much I'll be around in the coming days but if I don't get on I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and make sure to enjoy your families. The hubs and I are planning a very very quiet Thanksgiving, we will probably visit with his family then spend some quiet time with friends later on. My family is all coming over for the twinkies 1st birthday party this Saturday all except My Gracie and My Meggie as they will be in DISNEY WORLD!! Which even I agree is better than Aunt Kristi's house.

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Have a wondeful Thanksgiving!