Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Vegan Month 1

Hi All,
So I haven't mentioned much about the whole Vegan thing for awhile but we have been keeping up with it. It has been about a month that we've been doing it. I've been pretty good with it, I only messed up 3 times. 2 times were for chocolate ( I just ordered some free trade cocoa powder so I should be able to curb this desire in the future; the other time I thought I bought soy milk but it was regular and I didn't notice till halfway done my serving. In this first month I have not had any soda, at all. This is itself is a small miracle as I used to have at least 3 soda's a day some times as close to 8-9. Also I have not had any ice cream either, I used to have ice cream at least once every single day. If you would have told me the beginning of this summer that I would give up ice cream and soda voluntarily I would have laughed at you. But here I am a month later and HAPPY about it. Go figure.
Mama K and I just got into ordering from Frontier and I have ordered a bunch of wholesale organic spices and also some bulk food items and natural cleaning supplies. Schmoop and I got some big old bags from Ikea that I bring to the grocery store to help alleviate unnecessary waste. I'm excited, I feel like we're doing whats best for us and as a bonus its also whats best for those around us. Nice.
I didn't weigh myself at my heaviest but I know I lost 5lbs since starting this but I believe it might be as much as 15lbs. I'm looking forward to losing more weight and becoming healthier to boot. The weight isn't the reason I started this little quest but its a nice tagalong.
Maybe the tv is the next to go.. we shall see.

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