Friday, September 14, 2007

On Kathy Griffin's Emmy Speach

So I couldn't really understand the whole hubbub with what Kathy Griffin said at the Emmies, from what I understand this is what she said:
"A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus."
I can understand what she's saying she's a shock commedian, if you base it on the W.W.J.D. (what would Jesus do) she won the award by doing the opposite. Mocking people, insulting, whatever, thats her game thats how she butters her bread. She never claimed to be a Christian so why would you expect anything else out of her. Honestly I found it kind of refreshing to hear, it bothers me that people will go up and receive awards and the first thing out of their mouth, "I'd like to thank God for this" then the next day you hear they get arrested for DUI later that night. Not saying that I don't screw up or that I always act like the perfect Christian, I'm screwed up like the rest of us but I seek after God, he knew I wasn't perfect to begin with.

The rest of Kathy's statement goes like this:

"Suck it, Jesus. This award is my God now."
I found this pretty extreme but you know it just made me feel bad for her. Makes me think of all the unimportant things that we give such a high place in our life. Awards, jobs, money, cars, clothes, etc; what does it all mean. Nothing really its just stuff to fill us up, but you know it never does so what do you do then; when you have everything that you've ever wanted and your not complete. Must stink. So I feel bad for her cause even if she goes home to an Emmy every night she also lives with an emptiness that I'll never know.

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