Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day Goodness

So yesterday was Labor Day. Every Labor Day of my life I've spent at the Labor Day races in Island Heights. My mom grew up in Island Heights and my family has been going to these races for years. We have trophies that my grandmother won in their diving contests when she was young. It has always been one of the highlights of my summer, first with competing and now with watching the kids enjoy competing. They start off with a tricycle race of which Gracie and Mason both placed in the top three!

Mason is on the red bike wearing blue

Gracie is on the same red bike wearing purple
From there there was a potato race (kind of like suicide sprints with potatoes). Gracie and Mason both did this, then Schmoop and my big brother Walter joined in to race each other.

Schmoop is the red head in shorts while my brother is in the khaki's with a white shirt behind him. Yeah, thats right, behind him. :)
There was a 50 yard dash that my sister Karen rocked

She is the one in the blue and white floral shirt.
After this there was a three legged race that my sister and I went in (and got 3rd!).
Its a really neat thing that the town puts on, my uncle contributes pies (for a pie eating contest) and fireman hats (as its put on by the fire department).
The fireman hats are given to all the kids, which is good because some little ones were pretty upset that they couldn't play in all the games. As you can tell the hat really helped!

and they even gave them to the big kids

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