Friday, August 10, 2007

Vegan Week

Even though I haven't posted I'm still following the Vegan week, I have pictures I'll post up later. Its only been 4 days but I can already tell that its having a great effect on me. I generally feel better. I have been a bit grumpy but that might be because I've stopped eating ice cream and drinking soda, my huge two vices. I haven't really missed it but I do see myself getting short with Schmoop when he first gets home, which normally doesn't happen. Don't worry we make up later :). I asked Schmoop if he would be ok if we kept it up and he's cool with it, so I made a menu plan for week two already. I even have a sourdough starter in the works. Oh, I'm ambitious. I have really taken to this though.
The other thing is that we have been making a clean house a priority. It was generally decent but it is *almost* guest worthy all the time now. Just have to do a bit of tweeking and it should be ready for a party at any time.

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