Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Happy Schmoop Day

A song for Schmoops 32 Birthday

Happy Happy Schmoop Day
It comes but once a year
Happy Happy Schmoop Day
Lets laugh and dance and cheer!

So yes, its Schmoops birthday and what does that mean?
It means 32 Things I Love about Schmoop!!

1. I love waking up to your good morning kisses
2. holding your hand
3. watching you install stuff (my hottie mr. fixit!)
4. the way you encourage me to be the best
5. knowing that you love me no matter what
6. seeing you play with Mason and the other kids
7. how much the kiddos love you
8. your eyes
9. your honest heart
10. how caring you are
11. that you try hard to do what is best
12. watching you play the guitar
13. when you say you don't want any more toys, then have to stop in the toy department of whatever store we are in
14. your silliness
15. your openness to try new things (even Vegan things!)
16. watching you read your Bible
17. taking a walk and talking with you
18. riding in the car with you
19. doing nothing with you
20. falling asleep in your arms
21. being protected by you
22. your face when I do something you don't understand
23. how loyal you are to your family and friends
24. Your smile
25. Your thoughtfullness
26. calling you my husband and being your wife
27. that you're my family
28. when you make goofy faces
29. when you make me laugh out loud.
30. playing with you hair
31. watching you play in the worship team (gee we really need to go to church again its been forever!)
32. that I get to spend the rest of my life loving you and finding new things about you to love.

I'm so happy that God put us together and that we got married. You are the most wonderful husband in the world and I couldn't imagine my life without you in it.
Love you, my wonderful
Forever yours,

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Trace said...

That was very touching! You two are lucky to have found each other.