Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fun Weekend

So this weekend we are going here and staying at a hotel near there on Friday and Saturday night. The festival should be alot of fun, and while we are there I want to check out some local stuff. To make it a super weekend Schmoop and I are going to stay here tonight, i'm super jazzed about this cause it looks so nice!! The room is beautiful and there is a jacuzzi tub! Tomorrow I want to check out Gettysburg and maybe some other stuff around there before heading up to the festival.
Then Saturday maybe head into Lancaster and check that out a bit before the music starts.
I'm so excited! :)

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Trace said...

Have a WONDERFUL time!! Sweetness is from Lancaster County and it is very picturesque there. Ephrata is a cute town, and Intercourse (Haha) has fun Amish furniture & craft stores. In the city of Lancaster there is the Lancaster Brew Pub that Sweetness loves!! Gettysburg is cool too!! Lots of history!!

Enjoy the hot tub, but remember if you guys are trying to start a family on your romantic weekend away it's not good for his 'guys'. I know TMI...what can I say...fertility obsession...