Friday, August 03, 2007

Trying New Things

I was reading in Shelly's Blog about the health benifits and other benifits of going vegitarian/vegan. I brought up to Schmoop a few weeks ago the idea of possibly doing this and he kind of gave me a funny look and went along with his buisiness. It wasn't too big of a deal with me so I let it go. Today Schmoop brought it back up and asked if I was serious about it, if I was he was cool with trying it out. So on the way home I stopped and got a barrage of books to read to start out this week. I ended up doing my whole menu plan from two cookbooks I already have, Cooking the Whole Foods Way by Christina Pirello and New Indian Home Cooking by Madhu Gadia.
On deck for this week we have
Monday: Samosa's, Cauliflower Mixed Vegitables and Lentil Soup
Tuesday: Fried Rice and Veggies
Wednesday: Millet and Veggie Burgers and Grilled Veggies
Thursday: Potatoe Stuffed Roti, Lentil Soup (leftover) and Cauliflower Mixed Vegitables (leftover)
Friday: Mushroom, Brocolli Quiche

I will be preparing what I can on Sunday and will post pictures each day of that days meal. This will be our experiment week, no matter what I know in the future we will have an increase in organic foods and fruits and free reign meats. The whole menu for this weeks dinners are vegan, I will be adding in some dairy for breakfasts, snacks so its not entirely but we'll just see how it goes.


mama k said...

cool! Let us know how it all tastes. I'm always looking for good new recipes.

Shelly said...

Yummy those recipes look great! A great source for easy recipes is the Everything Vegetarian Cookbook: it has hundreds of easy to make, inexpensive recipes that our family have tried and loved!

Congrats for taking the step!