Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Vegan Week-Day 2

So yesterday we had a cauliflower veggie stir fry type thing and also the lentil soup that Schmoop made last night.
Yumm!!! It was awesome! The cauliflower stuff was good but spicy, the lentils were just good. Schmoop loved the lentils beforehand so he was ecstatic to know he could have them at home!
I'm digging this whole natural food eating so far. I was a bad vegan this morning I had a banana with pb and honey for breakfast, yes, (gasp) I had honey. But it was goood.h


mama k said...

Well you can always go vegeterian if the vegan thing doesn't work out for ya... :)
True vegans don't use any leather, wool or silk products either.

Trace said...

I have never considered a vegan lifestyle because it is very constricting. I wasn't even able to stick to the MS diet. Hats off to you for giving it a go!