Saturday, July 29, 2006

ww week 11

So this week I changed WI days from WIW (Weigh in Wednesdays) to WIF(Weigh in Fridays) There are a few reasons for this. First i didn't want people to get WIW confused with WOW (the thing where girls flash people on Wednesdays). Mostly because i use my weekly points (my extra's)on the weekends. So I have the whole week to stay on point and maybe it will be a more accurate gauge.
This week went pretty well. I lost .5 lbs(as of Wed), which is not that much but hey at least its in the right direction. I also found out that I have been counting wrong.
Dunkaroos are 3 pts not 2 points. I've been using them as my sweet treat, alot. No more they are not worth it. So this week I'm not taking anything for granted I'm plugging things in to find out the point value. Hopefully next week will show a good loss!

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