Monday, July 24, 2006

The difference between Martha and I

So my bff Mama k (see links) posted this list on her website. Its the list of 30 things that Martha thinks everyone should know. So here is Martha's list with what I know how to do bolded. Take this and do the same on your website but then add the 3o things you think everyone should know how to do.

Martha's List
30 - Make Crudites (I had to look up what they were but who the freak can't do this?!?!
29 - Prepare Pancakes (not as good as Schmoop)
28 - Pack a Suitcase (like a champ)
27 - Assemble a BLT
26 - Bake a Chocolate Cake (from scratch of course)
25 - Cook Fluffy Rice
24 - The Perfect Omlette
23 - Make French Toast
22 - Set a Table
21 - Make a Bed (a skill i have even though I don't utilize too often)
20 - Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich
19 - Brew a Cup of Tea (in a teapot)
18 - Design a Centerpiece
17 - Iron a Shirt (haven't done since high school)
16 - Prepare a Roast Turkey
15 - Carve a Turkey
14 - Remove Stains on Linens and Clothes
13 - Take a Good Photograph
12 - Arrange Flowers
11 - Make Chocolate Chip Cookies
10 - Eat a (whole) Lobster (shell and all baby)
9 - Open a Champagne Bottle
8 - Make a Bolognese Sauce
7 - Load a Dishwasher (wish i had the chance)
6 - Do the Laundry
5 - Paint a Room (in a extreme A.D.D. manner)
4 - Mix a Margarita

3 - Prepare a Green Salad

2 - Tie a Bow and Necktie
1 - Create a Home Safety Kit

My List-ok I can do all of them (some of them its definitley not practiced all the time.
30. Pitch a tent
29. Start a campfire
28. Use a map
27. Change a tire
26. Mow the lawn
25. Make a Pie crust
24. Prepare dinner from whats in your fridge
23. Use a budget
22. Know your limits
21. Laugh at yourself
20. Travel by yourself
19. Have fun without spending money
18. Spend time by yourself
17. Throw a party
16. Live without electricity
15. Give of yourself to others
14. Take a good picture
13. Look for the good in people
12. Keep in touch with friends
11. Resolve conflict
10. Know when to let go
9. Use a computer/internet
8. Sew a button
7. Make a homemade gift
6. Tread water
5. Balance a check book
4. Live on their own once in their lives
3. Face your fears
2. Make a child smile
1. Admit when you are wrong

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