Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Would you eat it? Givrees Sorbets 2 pts

I saw these in Trader Joes and had to try them for, oh so many reasons. First of all they are made in France, and I think France gets a bad rep sometimes. Granted the only real experience I've had with the French was filled with Crepes, Wine, Champagne, Cheese, Wine, Champagne, Baguettes, Wine and Champagne; pair that with the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Arch de Triumphe and two Schmoops and you have yourself a good time.

(schmoop and I eating crepes at sunset on Valentines day beside the Eiffel Tower)
So this post is my Thanks to the French for showing me a good time.
These sorbets are incredible, they take real fruits and empty them out and fill them with sorbet.

(Go suck a lemon)
I like these because they are in real fruit rinds (I got orange and lemon) so it makes it easy to play with your food when your done. Two thumbs up for taste and packaging! If I could afford it I would keep my freezer stocked but they are a bit pricey (like 1.25 a piece). If you keep one of each of these in your freezer you never have to worry about getting stuck without lemon or orange rind while cooking (which happened to me with my pies.) You also can keep any kids that show up at yourself occupied for awhile.

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