Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Winter Retreat

So this weekend we took the kids on the winter retreat. It was incredible, I really feel like alot of us were changed this weekend, i know that we definitely became closer as a group. Also i learned how to knit from Mary and i skied!!! Without being broken!! Here is a pic of my daredevil self with Nikki and Brian ready to meet our doom on the double blacks...


Anonymous said...

You umm forgot about two of the most important people of the whole trip...Kira and Myself....Hello we were you life on this trip!! haha jk!! I love you and snoring dirkey!!
Much Much Much love!

Dirkey said...

of course i have the love for my Lisa and Kira ("kira kira" where the heck is that bird!) Jeez louis do i have to mention you all the time!?!? :)

Anonymous said...

Of course....We were the trip!!! lol
You know just thinking of us makes your day lol You should dedicate a day just to reminsing Kira N Lisa haha
Dirkey i love you

Anonymous said...

you also forgot our song.... oh you know what i'm tlaking about... what ARE you oging to do with all that yarn, all that yarn, and those needles? hahha that weekend was awesome!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
love, kiraa kiraa