Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Five Wierd Things

1.) I like wearing socks in my kitchen just to slide. If I go in the
kitchen barefoot I get slightly annoyed and sometimes I forget and try to
slide anyway. It doesn't work.

2.) I like to sip my drinks from a teaspoon especially if its something
that I like a lot. I like the fact that it lasts so long if I'm only
allowed to have it off of a teaspoon. I only really do this in private so I
don't think anyone knows this one.

3.) I like to freeze everything and then tease everyone else about their
freezer habits. For example at this moment I have pasta, cereal and
crackers in my freezer. Anne and my mother feel the brunt of this freezer
teasing, if they only knew the freezer horrors they would find if they
opened mine. I tease anne for freezing cookies and I have cereal in mine,
tee hee if she only knew, if she only knew.... Ok lets face it my mom
deserves it the woman has loose bagels in hers and it is packed to the brim.

4.) I'm genetically incapable of keeping my house warm. No matter how
much money I have in the bank or how small my house is. Its always entirely
too much money to thoroughly heat it so I keep it at 55 and hand people
blankets on their way in. Surprisingly not too many people come over during
the winter time.

5.) This last one is not so much a habit but a weird trait that
apparently I'm the only one I've ever known to have it. If something smells
offensive to me, it automatically smells like cat urine. I've returned
lotions because they've smelled like cat urine to me, I'm pretty sure that
to anyone else in the free world they didn't, but to me it did enough to
make me gag. Recently I made an entire group of girls in the youth group
throw out their gum before they got in my car cause it smelled like cat
urine and I was going to puke.

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