Thursday, January 05, 2006

fact or crap

So in looking at all the guidebooks i found this small church in Paris that has an incorruptible saint there. Now an incorruptible saint is a saint who when they die they do not compose. Apparently there are a few of them around and some of them its just pieces of them. Like if some was a great orator thier tongue wouldn't decompose. The one in Paris is a young girl, i don't remember her name but i'm going to look her up in my saint book to read about her. This is one of those things that i'm just not sure about. Sure i believe that God can do everything and anything, but sometimes you just wonder why he would do it. Like all that stuff that was going on in Toronto (like people saying God made them cluck like a chicken) alot of that stuff i just can't see that God would do that. Why would God make a mockery of himself by making people act like fools. I don't get it. I just hold on to the fact that i don't know everything. I know God is good, and i know that he can do far more than i can imagine and i know that He has made me finite, where he is infinite.
I also know i kind of want to see the dead girl to make some type of first hand impression of what i think of it.

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