Friday, January 07, 2011

3 Month Letter

Dear Buggie,
Another month has past, they seem like they are flying by, it is so bittersweet. You are my sweet baby but you grow and change every day; I love watching it but a piece of me wants to freeze time so we can take in these moments together. I've been a few days late in getting this update up and that's just because you are too darn fun. You started laughing this week, you are also cooing and "talking" up a storm!

Speaking of storms, you experienced so many firsts this month of them being your first snow storm! You didn't much care about the snow the first time, you just slept through it but then we had to go out to the post office and OH MY you were not happy about that. You usually are very good in the car but I think all the white was bothering you! We have taken you for a few walks in the snow and as per your norm as long as you are snuggled in your Moby you will sleep as soon as we are off of our block. We tried to do a photo shoot outside in the white stuff the one day and just as Mommy got started you decided that you were not having it so these are the pics we have of your first snow experiences. Hopefully next year you will like it a bit more!

We also celebrated your first Christmas this month, I think it was my favorite Christmas ever! Because you had to have surgery on the 23rd it forced us to really take it easy. We had to keep you home so you wouldn't get sick, but it really allowed us to enjoy Christmas. We weren't rushed or struggling with overcommitment, we did get to do some of our normal Christmas stuff like doing the advent wreath, making candies and watching Christmas movies. We started you on the family traditions of going to Granny and Pop pop's for Christmas morning with the family and having Mom-mom and Pop pop over Christmas afternoon. Daddy and I decided we are going to have our special day be Christmas Eve where we just spend time together as a family and we started this year. We ended Christmas Eve with a candlelit service at church, you slept for the whole thing!! I also went a little nutty with the pictures, I couldn't help it you are too cute!
Everyone always says what a "big boy" you are and this month you became a big cousin! Your little cousin Payton Joy was born, I joke that you had your two months of special being the youngest grandchild but you are proving day by day to be such a special little guy so I think we can grant you a bit more :). You really are a big guy though, you are pretty much in 9 months clothes. With your surgery I was a little worried about how you would nurse afterwards but you don't seem to have any problems in that area; no stitches were going to keep you from your mama's milk! I love your chunky little legs and Flinstone feet, so I guess you can keep on growing if you want.
You had your Ptosis surgery this month and it was so hard for me and Daddy to hand you over to the surgeon and it was so sad to see how swollen you got. You did so well though! When you came out you nursed right away and really didn't seem like you were in much pain. We have loved watching you look at things now, and can see how it bothered you before to not be able to see well. You used to hate your swing and your bouncy seat and now you love them and I attribute that to you being able to see in that position now. You are so curious, when you are taking something in you have the most intense look on your face. So for the past few weeks when I carry you around the house you have this look on your face like you are studying everything in the house (probably because you are a genius or something).
You have some definite favorite things now. You have always loved your birdie mobile and that love affair is going strong. I will put you on your changing table so that I can fold laundry and you will sit there talking to your birdies or just looking at them without fuss, EVER. I love that you love it because it always reminds me of where I was when I made it, praying and hoping that one day I would have a baby to look at it. Now that time is here and it reminds me of how blessed I am to be your mommy! A new love that you just met this month is Lamby, or Lovey, or Lovey Lou. Granny gave you Lamby to have before you went into your surgery and its adorable how much you love him! Daddy and I have tried to sub some of your other stuffed animals or blankies but you won't have it, Lamby is the only one for you. You give Lamby kisses, and clutch him close to you and if you are cranky we can always get a smile if we bring out Lamby. We have it on good authority to buy a few back ups so we are on the look out!
This month you also started losing your baby hair. You are rocking quite an interesting do, its the mix between a mullet and a mohawk. You make that Mullethawk look good though!
You have changed our lives, Bug, its undeniable. I am a better person for knowing you and I've only known you 3 months!! I know the behavior I model will impact the way you view the world around you, what responsibility and also what an honor! I am doing my best and praying for wisdom along the way to be the best Mommy I can be to you. I love you with all my heart my sweet sweet boy.
Love Always,
Your Mama


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