Thursday, January 27, 2011

The kindness of strangers (and husbands too!)

So today I put the Bug in his baby carrier to go outside to shovel the driveway. This was completely by choice because I wanted a doughnut and had to shovel the driveway to get it. It also killed two birds with one stone because I wanted to work off said doughnut before I ate it. I've been trying to make better food choices and lose some weight lately so this seemed like a good way to do it.

So while I was out shoveling two young guys (one was probably mid 20's and the other mid teens) walked by with shovels and asked if I would like them to shovel for me. I thanked them and just let them know we didn't have any cash on us but I appreciated the offer, then I told them of my doughnut plan. Before they walked off I just asked if Bug looked comfortable because its harder to see him in the back carry. He said he did and was asking me a little about his stitches from his surgery and commented "What beautiful blue eyes he has" (aww how sweet, stranger guy!). I started shoveling again and the two guys start shoveling as well; I thanked them and said they didn't need to help and again that we didn't have any cash on us. The older guys then said to me "sometimes its just not about the money, you seem like a really nice lady and we'd just like to help you". How kind of them! So we shovel together for about 20 min and get my driveway done and I asked them if they would like some hot chocolate (hubs was working from home would not have offered if he wasn't there) they declined but did ask for some water. I brought them out glasses of water and they went on and on thanking ME for the water, what wonderful selfless people!

Then we finished and I came in to show the hubs the sleeping Bug on my back and he asked what I was doing. I told him I shoveled the driveway and he said "You didn't have to do that, that's my job!" I said that it was fine I did it because I wanted to (and wanted a doughnut). What a wonderful thing to have a choice whether I want to shovel or not!

Just a little part of my day but it has had me smiling for the rest of the afternoon :)

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Anonymous said...

So Dirkey, you have a gift with words. You make me smile too! Why don't you write more.... like a book or a column in a paper....

Just thought I'd tell you. I'm serious!