Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pile It Up, Pile it In, Let me Begin

One thing that is going to help us with this no-spend month is that we try to have stockpiles of certain things in our house at all times. One thing that we always try to stockpile is gifts.  If I see things at a good price I will pick them up for future gifts.  Some times its for specific people sometimes its just things I enjoy so I get them to give away when things come up.  I have new baby gifts, mens clothes (in sizes that would fit the men in our lives), toys for kids, organic soaps and lotions, candles and more in a basket in the top of my spare closet.  These gifts are often less expensive and more in line with what I like to give rather than a quick trip to Hallmark or Target before a party.  I also try to keep cards for a multitude of different occasions at the ready as well.  This little stash has saved my sanity and my pocketbook when I realize that I forgot a birthday or when I just want to cheer someone up.
 This month I'm going to try to work through those gifts for anything that may come up or make something.  I have a good friends baby shower on Sunday for that I did buy gifts (before April!) but I also grabbed my sewing machine out and made her a mei tai  If she went to buy a Mei Tai it would cost her anywhere from $60 on up but now she has one that was made especially for her.  I have a 30th birthday party tomorrow and I'm going to look around to see what I have on hand or maybe try to make something special for the birthday girl.

If you have any questions on a mei tai there are directions here

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