Monday, April 20, 2009

Quick Fix

I've been going crazy the past couple years because we have about 30 frames in our back room of all different colors, materials, sizes and shapes. Every time I went into that room it bothered me a little bit. Well I found a cheap quick fix, I bought a can of flat black spray paint and painted all of our frames the same color. Not only is this employing what I have already instead of spending $10 + each on new frames. I also never have to worry about getting matching frames. I can pick up frames from the thrift stores or yard sales for .50c to a couple dollars and have them fit perfectly into my room.

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Melody Strayer said...

Lol, we did that a couple of years ago when we painted the living room (or should I say, Chris did that at my request. He's my hero). It really is crazy how it makes the whole room "mesh" a little better.