Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Frugal Holidays

So one thing the hubs and I do for holidays is make our own cards for each other. The hubs will make a lovely card with what he wants to say in it. I know that he took time to make it and it says what he wants it to so I treasure it. Just a little thing that saves you $8(two cards) a holiday that to me is way way more special than the store bought version. His cards usually are made with some photoshop elements while mine are drawn with each of us using our strengths to show the other one how much we care. I love these cards because he usually will work in some inside joke into it so I'll be laughing out loud while reading.


mama k said...

too sweet.

that reminds me of the construction paper and glitter valentines K used to make me. hehe

Renee said...

You guys are just the epitome of what I hope and dream of what a marriage should be like.That is just so sweet! Handmade cards are a 1000 times better than store bought!!