Thursday, January 08, 2009

My bread looks like an old man

So I made some fresh bread to compliment last nights dinner and to just have on hand.  I was comfronted with something I'm not too used to.  I usually let it rise twice in the oven then after it has risen the second time (in the loaf pan)  I'll set it on the stove while I preheat the oven. This time the second I took it out of the second rise it deflated about an inch and had lots of wrinkles.  It tastes fine but the looks definitely aren't there.  Anyone ever have this happen?

My theories are:
-the difference in temp between the oven and the house as the heat is on low
-not enough flour in the mix


Karen Sue said...

Be not discouraged, I hadn't made bread in a long, long time and the last time I made it the white was too fluffy and the wheat too flat!! But it worked. I'm guessing it was temp change, and perhaps a small bump or jar. Pretend it was intentional.Sort of an unleaven bread thing...

Anonymous said...

I have had this happen, even though I bake bread everyday! I think it is when I'm rushed and don't put quite enough flour in. It still tastes good, and that's the important part. You did a fine job. Julie

Michelle Smiles said...

Mmmmm...fresh bread. Doesn't matter if it is pretty! Yum!

Curious to hear about your raw experiment!

anna said...