Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Focusing on the good

It seems like there are a good amount of people struggling right now and coming up against something that they just can't change.  Talking to friends and reading my favorite bloggers it seems as if they've hit a wall.  Things have changed over in the Dirkey household and its not all bad but it is different than what was the norm.  I don't know about you but when I'm forced to make a leap of faith I get a bit anxious, thankfully, I do have a belief in God and have a knowledge that He cares for me that helps curb that anxiousness.  
I'm going to start something called the Joy Experiment here.  Every day I'm going to post 5 things that give me joy.  I'm going to try to do this every morning so that it helps me to focus on what I do have and how blessed I really am.  I think this would probably be the best way to start out the day feel free to join in.  

5 things that bring me joy:
1. waking up to a hug, what a nice way to start the day.
2. walking downstairs to coffee already made, sawheet!
3.  Irish oatmeal with cinnamon and a little bit of molasses YUM!!!
4.  Freshly made bed
5.  my kitty cat sleeping in the sunlight.


ctf said...

1. Singing
2. a hot hot shower
3. spontaneous fun events with friends
4. when my brother calls just to check on me
5. a good hair day

Renee said...

Wonderful idea sweetie!

1. Sunshine to warm me on these chilly days and to make everything look prettier.
2.Meeting friendly people, who are happy and willing to help me on my journey in Italy
4.Art, Natural God created and man-made alike.
5.Being healthy, (knock on wood,LOL!! I don't have a cold at the moment)