Saturday, January 03, 2009

All Is Quiet

As you are probably realizing this blog has been pretty quiet.  I've been holding my cards close to my chest as it seems to be the best thing to do right now.  Things are turning around though and I'm feeling a bit better.  I signed up for a cake decorating class that I'm really excited about.  As you probably know I love baking cakes and I think my imagination is great as far as that goes but my skill level is what holds me back.  I can't wait getting some technical skill to throw in with my crazy imagination, Ace of Cakes better watch his back!  I am also starting the process to be a substitute teacher.  I was toying with babysitting but this seems like a better choice for us right now.
I also joined Spark People to work on my weight. Thankfully I have a friend for the journey. I'll keep you updated every once in awhile on the progress.


mama k said...

You go! 2009 is going to be sooo much better than 08, right? :)

Trace said...

I belong to spark people...very inspiring.