Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Exciting stuff

So I've been working hard at getting my Doula business going.  I'm going to be partnering with a good friend of mine so we spent today hammering out some details; deciding on names, getting a website going, getting a work email set up.  I'm really excited to start marketing our services and getting serious with this.  I also have an interview to be a substitute for the local school district tomorrow which will be wonderful.  I'm getting really excited for this next chapter of my life.  I kind of feel the need to pinch myself that I'm able to do this stuff.  I love being home more and feeling like I have more time to get the house in order and do the little things that need to get done.  I love having the laundry, dishes and all that stuff done before the hubs gets in so we can just enjoy our time together.  

Once we get our website completed and up and running, I'll make sure to post a link up here. :)

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mama k said...

Love the new header! That song has been stuck in my head this week. We must be telepathic now. haha