Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Picture taken on Hawaii 05 Trip

So the hubs and I are planning a trip to Hawaii. I have been there before (have family there)but he has not.

My family on Hawaii 05 trip (Michelle, Bern, Steve, Bill, Sue, Taney, Denise; in tree- Sara, my mother, myself, Maureen, Kate, Corrine, Pup, Matt and Mark)

Its a big trip to us so we want to stay at a nicer hotel and have ample time to enjoy ourselves on the island. We're thinking about going in October of this year and staying for two weeks. The problem is that my cheap self keeps getting sticker shock when I look at the prices that I'm finding. We have the money saved up and it really wouldn't hurt us to go it would just take a nice sized chunk out of our savings.
Picture taken on Hawaii 05 Trip Snorkelling in hanauma bay; Bill, Bern, Me, Corrine, Tom, Denise

Now I've been on quite a few trips before as traveling is one of my favorite things in the world but I have always worked on impulse. My brain worked in almost an instantaneous fashion: I want to go to Ireland, I'll buy the tickets now. Now that I am married and have other obligations its hard to take that money to use for something thats "just" to have fun. I want to put it towards the mortgage, a new car, in savings; there are a thousand things I can think of to do with it. Part of it is that we're not charging it, the money is actually coming out of our account; for some reason this is harder to rationalize than if we did charge it. It also seems so much more expensive to travel with two people, I can't imagine the butterflies I will have when planning for children as well.
My mom and I in Hawaii 05

I know that I will use the money for our vacation. I know that vacations are important to our marriage as well as just our physical, emotional and mental well being. It will also help me refocus, being frugal isn't about amassing an incredible savings; its about being wise with our money. Investing in our marriage and our health is a great use of our money.

Sunset in Hawaii 05

I just need to keep saying that till I believe it! Which will probably be when I'm sitting on the beach next to the hubs in Hawaii with a Mai-Tai in my hand .


Melody Strayer said...

Hmmm.... I thought a mei tai was a baby carrier... Maybe I need to brush up on my adult beverage lingo. :)

mama k said...

Just DO it! :)

I know you guys will not regret the extra money spent on a nice hotel. I assume you'll put it on a credit card first anyway and then pay it off. So see, you are charging it! hehe

I know how you feel and I was the same way, but our cruise was our big pre-baby trip and I was soooo glad we did it. Great memories and time spent as "just us" Vacationing with kids, well, so far it's not actually a vacation. LOL No laying by the pool or lounging around sleeping in or getting room service or... you get the point. And if you leave the kid home you are worrying about them and missing them and it's just not the same.

Em said...

If you have AAA, they sometimes have great deals for fun places like Hawaii. I'll keep my eye out and will let you know if I see any deals.

Trace said...

Wow, am I envious!