Wednesday, June 14, 2006

WW week 5

man i just typed this all out and then tried to spell check and i lost it all!
That stinks!!

Ok so i was saying... Last week bought a digi scale, took it home (ha ha just typed homo) and it is 2.5 lbs higher than my old scale. I'm going to eat it though, cause i don't feel like adjusting everything. So this week i lost 1.5 lbs (really 4); for a grand total of 14.5 lbs!! Woo hoo, this is an average of 2.9lbs a week!!!

Also i was saying that I've been learning something about myself through this whole self portrait wednesday. I always gravitate to wear the same color every Wednesday. I looked back through my old pics and they are all actually different shirts just the SAME EXACT COLOR!! weird....
so here's my updated week 5 picture, i swear this is mostly for Anna's amusement...

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