Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I'm going to graceland, graceland.. memphis tennassee

I love that song and that town. Jason and i are headed to Chachki paradise, we just booked our flight, rental car and hotel room for July 1-4th. So cute, we're leaving on our six month anniversary! :) I can't wait!!!
I went a few years ago and made some fatal errors.
1. when i found the dress up elvis magnets (think paper doll elvis with interchangable clothes on magnets) I only bought the one pack. I need more, Elvis is getting sick of his gold lame outfit and his blue suede shoes. HE NEEDS VARIETY PEOPLE!! Oh and one of his arms fell off.
2. I didn't go to Sun Studios, birthplace of the careers of both Elvis and Johnny Cash.. (Hanging my head in shame)
3. I went to the Peabody Hotel, but did NOT see the changing of the Ducks.. I did see the ducks house on the roof but not the changing which I've heard is a magical experience.
4. I brought someone with me who forced me to go to the ghetto to get a money order, TWICE! This person was also in high school and brought that stupid doll that kids have to take care of that screams until you put a key in its back. Lets just say this person almost died.

Hope Jason will see that my love for Elvis in no way lessens my love for him. It is completely different for one, elvis is dead, there are other reasons too, but thats a different post for a different day..
Thank you, thank you very much...

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