Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What I'm reading

What i'm reading:
Right now i'm reading my Bible, Passion and Purity and The Screwtape Letters.
My Bible, my pastor gave a challenge this week to start every day thinking on who God is to you and praising him. I've really taken this to heart this week and have been thinking on some Psalms all day, when i forget and i'm in a crappy mood, my schmoop reminds me where to put my focus. If not acustomed to reading the Bible i would recommend starting in the Psalms, or in John. They are the easiest to read to me. My pastor recommended reading proverbs because there are 31 of them so you can read Proverbs 29 on the 29th; makes it easy.
Passion and Purity was written by Elisabeth Elliot.
I'm cruising through it and would recommend it to anyone. Mrs. Elliot is an incredible role model to me, i'm astounded at what she's been through. For those of you who don't know her husband, Jim Elliot, was murdered by Indians in Ecuador while they were missionaries there. However, this book is not about that, its about thier courtship. As I find with most of these books, i need to read and take what i can and see what applies to my life. We are not all the same and we all have to take this life as it comes and learn what we can from it. But having a wonderful relationship right now with my schmoop, i'm able to relate to alot of the book. Mrs Elliot does a wonderful job of documenting her feelings, her beliefs and encouraging you to seek after God through this time. All I can say is that I'm so encouraged by this book right now.
The Screwtape Letters, i need to buckle down and fly right with this one. I started it and i'm nearly done but with all my other reading its kind of taken a back seat. So hopefully i'll finish next week. Its an incredible book, kind of freaky at times..
ok night..

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