Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Upcoming feature-Would you Eat "it"?

There are alot of things us weight watchers are subjected to on a regular basis. Things that the non weight watching world knows nothing about. Come on, you know what I'm talking about DIET FOODS.. Some of them are decent and if you close your eyes, you can pretend its the same thing(or at least similar). Some of them will fill your hunger and not cost you too much, allowing you to save your points/calories for something else. Yet, there are others, others that turn your stomach to even look at. You wonder what possessed a person to come up with such a thing and how they could EVER POSSIBLY MARKET IT!!
I was over my moms house last night looking for something that costs 2 pts (about 100 calories) and this is what she had..
ff yougurt-wasn't too thrilled.. PASS
these bagged cheese things-I have to show you a picture to fully grasp how gross they looked... PASS
Refried Beans-completely just wanted to eat it with a spoon but couldn't bear to look at my mom's face of disgust.. (besides my house is smelly mildewy already, don't need to add any extra smells in there!) PASS
Ended up having nothing and not using those two points.. SACRILEGE!! (wow just realized I can't spell)

So this feature, i will do the work for you. Buy the "diet food of the week", take pictures of the whole "devouring" process and give you a full rundown of the taste and point values. That way if your ever some place with two points left you'll know if those bagged cheese things are worth it or not.. Always working for you.


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