Saturday, May 20, 2006

Kai's shower

So I showed you a teaser for Kaiya's shower, the cake.. but actually there were a few other things there....
One being the incredibly cute diabetic preggy Kaiya.. (i'm sorry i'll eat extra refined carbs for you! man this pregnancy is going to kill me with all the extra drinks i'm already drinking for you.)

There was also some incredible food; crabcakes, chicken francaise, mashed potatoes and green beens.. yum.....

This was the set up, pretty fancy schmancy i know but hey Kaiya's worth it... (kid better be cute...)

and the final set up with the cake, notice the jello.. :)

Seriously, only the best for my Kai! I can't wait to meet your baby and worm my way up to being the favorite "aunt"


mama k said...

Thanks again! Gotta love the self portrait. Since baby has no real aunts (only uncles) your chances are good for being the fav play "aunt".

Anonymous said...

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