Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weekend Goodness

So this weekend was a good one, Friday we went to bed at 6pm. Yes, you read that right, 6pm. Needless to say I was beat!!! Last week I wasn't feeling well and went to the doctor and was put on an antibiotic and it and being sick knocked me out!!!! So anyway we woke up early and had our first yard sale of all time, we earned... (insert drumroll here).... $32 dollars. Yeah, we felt the same way, it was very anticlimactic. BUT afterwards we went to Mama K's house where Schmoop, myself, Mama K and Papa K all went out to Smitty's (an awesome clam bar down the shore) for some amazing food. Mama K was peanutless thanks to her mother so she was very up for going on the boardwalk (without a STROLLER!!!) unfortunately it started raining just as we got up on the boards. We had just enough time to get some Kohr's brother ice cream and some Johnson's Popcorn (my addiction and jokingly the reason why Mama K says I come to visit). We headed back to Mama K's house and hung around for a little bit, it was nice to see her without having to plan anything(wedding, baby shower, etc).
This morning we woke up late, went out to breakfast and then went shopping. We got one of those inflatapools that you inflate that one ring around the top and fill up with water. We also got some orange air freshener which I have read you are supposed to spray on things you don't want your cats to touch, I went a little crazy and our house smells like a freshly peeled orange (like a 4 ton freshly squeezed orange). The kittens are walking around scrunching up their noses and sticking mostly to the laundry room so I think in small doses this does work.
We are rocking some BBQ for dinner as we watch our pool fill up.
I also joined a contest at 5 Minutes for Mom for a years supply of bandaids (if you know schmoop and I you know we could use them). Check it out!!!


mama k said...

Glad you could come for a visit!
It's always easier when Peanut can stay in his element.

mmm... fried combo...

Trace said...

YUMMMMMM!!! Johnson's Popcorn! I haven't had that in a long time!! We mostly go to LBI, but back in the day I used to hit Wildwood & Ocean City.