Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Tamara

Today is Tamara's birthday, if you've never heard of this "Tamara" she is my best friend (I'm one of the lucky ones to have two of them). Tamara and I have been best friends since about 5th grade. I won a chemistry kit for selling magazines and being the scientific mastermind that I am, I used the chemicals to turn my moms clam chowder purple. Mind you I have no clue how I did this and it certainly wasn't on purpose. At the time I thought it was an astonishing breakthrough in the realm of chemistry, so I took my act on the road. I went over to my friends house and showed them, they told me of a family that lived a little further down the road that may appreciate it. That family was "home-schooled", the first of many "home-schoolers" I was to meet. Well I marched right up to their house and came in and turned my clam chowder purple and somehow got myself a best friend to boot. Tamara and I became inseperable through out most of our adolescense and I basically came to live at her house. Her family would take me to church with them and considered me to be a part of them, even allowing me to be at the hospital for the birth of Tamara's little sister Lydia. Well Tamara and I both moved out and her parents have since moved but we have remained best friends. Tamara is one of those friends that you can go to and tell anything. She knows my deep dark secrets and I know hers. She is quite possibly one of the most kind and talented people I know and I count myself very blessed to call her a friend.
So happy birthday Tamara! Love ya!!!

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Aimee & Ben said...

Happy Birthday to Tamara!! (I don't know how to find her...so pass it along!! <3, Aimers