Thursday, May 31, 2007

Free Kittens

So the husband is officially allergic to the kittens. So we have to get rid of the little darlings. If you live anywhere in Southern NJ and you are interested in these little sweeties give me a comment. They are really sweet kittens and they love playing with each other and cuddling. They also are getting thier shots and spayed this weekend, so that would be at no charge. They would come with whatever kittie litter and kitten food I have as well as our toys.


Trace said...

Hey Dirkey,

I deleted your email address. It occurred to me, when I made you an author did that give you access to my adoption blog in the dashboard section?


mama k said...

oh no! so sorry dirkey.

Katkat said...

I wish my hubby would let me have one but with the new puppy coming he says no way.