Monday, April 04, 2011

Monthly Update-Month 1 on WW

So I started Weight Watchers last month and I'm debating on how I want to document that here. I don't think I want this to be my accountability but it is something big in my life now so I do want to mention it here; so I think it will be a monthly update.

Since Bug has been born I have been trying to be conscious about my food choices and try to make better choices and be more active. On a total from the date he was born I have lost at least 39 lbs. Holla! Based on my pre-pregnancy weight I have lost 25lbs. I am so happy about this! Weight Watchers has really helped give me a jumpstart because I was stuck on the same 5 lbs for a month jumping up and down then once I started it has just started coming off.

This month I have lost 11 lbs. I am ecstatic about losing weight but even more so about being a role model to Bug in this. If I keep at it, he might not even remember me being overweight. I want to be a mom that can chase him around, run and play with him. I want to be a mom that can model good food choices and not pass on bad habits to him. Mostly I want to be a mom that is around for awhile. Now I realize that this isn't completely in my control that God is sovereign but I can help it by keeping in shape and decreasing my chances of Diabetes, heart disease and heart attack.

The biggest help to me has been having a food tracker right on my phone. I can look up all my food and keep track of is so easily this way; no juggling books and keeping paper and pen on me or relying on my memory. Also I have been using my kitchen scale like a fiend. The thing I feel most accomplished with is activity, Bug and I have been walking and I can tell that my energy and endurance is already up. I wear him in my Beco and just walk and walk; generally he gets tired and takes a nap but sometimes he just looks around on our whole walk. I love that I am teaching him to get out and get active!! We have also had a few parties to attend, that has always been a stumbling block to me in the past. This month I feel like I have really gone into them with a healthy attitude of not worrying too much but trying to make healthy choices. One "bad" day won't derail weeks of healthy choices if I don't let it.

As far as clothes I am already down 2 sizes and I am on the cusp of the next clothing size. Its a big one for me because once I get there I can start shopping in one of my favorite "regular" stores that don't cater to the big girls. I am still in plus sizes but just being able to shop in certain stores is a win for me and shows me that sometime soon I won't have to be in plus sizes anymore. So yes, things are going well. I keep praying for the strength to take this day by day and make good healthy choices.

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ctf said...

Hollllllla. :) Good job my friend!! That change to the "regular store" was huge for me so I understand the excitement there!!!

I have been giving way to some of my "using food for comfort" issues lately and eating a lot of junk. I need to start keeping track so I realize what I'm shoving in there. :) Esp. for this season that i'm not getting much exercise cuz of the foot.

Doing your part to stay healthy for your peeps is really great and sets such an example for your little dude.

smitty said...

awesome! congrats to you!

Courtney K. said...

So inspiring! Awesome job!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You're a doula so I'm sure you know, but I understand breast feeding helps too.