Monday, October 04, 2010

Thoughts on 39 weeks

So here we are in the waiting game. A twinge here and there, is that it? Am I in labor? Its not really bugging me or wigging me out yet. I just really really hope to go into labor soon just to avoid induction talk. As far as the pregnancy its really not that bad, physically I don't feel too bad. I think the worst part is people calling and asking if you are in labor. My brother was cracking me up, he called last week and said "as soon as you go into labor call me the next day", if only the rest of the world was like that :). My IL's were over on Saturday and I swear every time I moved they were like "are you ok?"...Really... I'm fine I can manage shifting positions. The hubs has been absolutely incredible picking up so much slack around the house. Thankfully his office has also let him work from home a good amount of the time, its so wonderful having him there for every appointment. I just finished thank you cards tonight which was the last thing on my "really really really want to get done before I have the baby list". There is other stuff but I'm not too concerned anything not on my big list.
So anyway thats really all that I've been up to, just waiting. I'm so excited to meet our little boy.

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