Monday, August 03, 2009

Wonderful friends are hard to come by

A great friend of mine has turned thirty today.  I couldn't let the day pass without saying a little something.  Mama K and I have been acquaintances for about 14 years and thick as thieves for about 12 of those.  She's the person I turn to (besides the hubs) to bounce ideas, grievances, good news, joy, thoughts and feelings off of.  She's not one of those yes people, she'll tell you how it is calling a spade a spade or a jerk a jerk whichever the case may be.  Her honesty is refreshing and has checked me many times when I'm overreacting.  She is never afraid to try something new and we're constantly getting each other interested in something new and weird (square foot gardening, doula-ing, sewing, crocheting, recipes, you name it)  I have so many great memories with her from some of the concerts we've gone to (Settle down Sparky!), to getting lost in Camden (or Philly, or anywhere you could possibly get lost), to our Tom Jones escapades, to watching her mature into the wonderful wife and mother that she has become.  When it comes right down to it all I can say is that I'm thankful to count her as one of my best friends.  
Happy Thirtieth Mama K!

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mama k said...

aww. thanks so much! love ya!