Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hey All

Things are quiet on the Dirkey front, I've been patiently (HA) awaiting the return of my beloved Macbook from the genius' at the genius bar. So I have been sharing the computer with the hubbers, which basically entails jumping on for about 4.3 minutes at night to randomly look through my email and gaze longingly at my feed reader.
Tonight I found this and I'm thinking I might just bring it out at my next few doula meetings.

Well when I get my beloved computer back I really hope to put up some pics of our amazing vacation in Maine, our new floors that we are installing this week and possibly some of my crazy ramblings on life. I might even enlighten you on what I gave the hubbers for his birthday which was celebrated with Melting Pot and Jim Gaffigan with good friends ahhh. Yes life is good even if I don't have my beloved computer permanently attached to my digits, which actually may be the reason life has been so good.

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Em said...

So, did he like it? huh, huh?