Sunday, June 21, 2009

It all started with a mirror

Well since last I wrote much has happened in Casa de Dirkey.  
For the past two weeks I've been cleaning water off of my bathroom sink.  I finally asked the hubs just how he is washing his hands to get water ALL OVER the sink and he looked at me and said I thought that was you.  He then ran upstairs and flushed the toilet and water came out of my wall.  Yeah you read that right, water came out of my wall.  Toilet water, poop water, if you would.  So I've been cleaning poop water from my sink for two weeks without knowing it.  BLECH!!!  After scrubbing myself with bleach, we started tearing up the wall to check why poop water was coming out of it.  It turns out that we drilled into the pipe when we hung our bathroom mirror.  Oops!
Well that problem was quickly solved but since we had the sink out we decided to put our new bathroom sink in thats been sitting in the laundry room for about a year.  Well the old owners only put the laminate flooring to the edge of the old sink which would look rather silly with our new pedestal sink.  So we decided to change the laminate flooring in the kitchen, bathroom and hallway  (all had the same laminate).  Since the old owners also made the laminate flooring go into the dining room for about two feet (which I hated) we are also redoing the floors in the living and dining room.  So are you following this so far we have a new sink, new floors in kitchen, bathroom, hallway, living room and dining room that are in the works.  Well there is also a weird half wall in between the kitchen and dining room that makes our stove barely fit (the door scrapes when we open it).  So we took a hammer to it BEFORE we decided what to do with it after we took that wall down.  I've since been doing some googling and I'm going to build a built in bookcase to go there for my cookbooks.
So needless to say, my blogging may be a little sparse while I'm frantically googling how to do all this stuff.  Thankfully we did have money saved away earmarked specifically to do the floors and we've gotten them all for a great price and saving a ton by doing most of the work ourselves.  There are also some other projects I would like to get finished; painting the wall on the way up the steps, finishing painting our outside trim, painting the trim in the downstairs, taking the fence posts out of the back yard, fixing my pool, etc.  As you can see I have more than enough things to keep me busy this summer but I think we can get them done!  Wish me luck!

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