Thursday, October 04, 2007


So I'm really getting into not needing all the commercial and consumer hype in my life. I made deals with my friends for Christmas that everything we get for each other should be $5 or less and has to be either homemade or bought second hand. I figure this will help decrease the crap level of my house and do some good against making Christmas less a commercial holiday, at least in my life. I think this will do wonders for my mood this holiday as I won't be buying expensive crap for people and wondering if they will even like it. It will cut out the whole line of thinking "am I spending all this money for something this person won't even want/need" or "in five months will this person finally put this out to the curb because it had its run"
This being said my birthdays next Sunday and if you want to buy me something my amazon wish list is on the side bar. :)

What a paradox....


Trace said...

When I had my first job after college I was on a major budget so I decided to make home made Kuluha and Baileys Irish Cream. I bought cute bottes in Ross or Marshalls or something. It was a big hit!!!

Trace said...

I don't have the recipe anymore. I'm sure it got lost in various moves. I just remember is had irish whiskey, chocolate syrup, and sweetened condensed milk. From one who is into making mulled wine, beer, and that sort of thing I bet if you went to google you'd fine tons of recipes. It wasn't hard to make, and it was a cool gift. My best friend thanked me enthusiastically and said she and hubby REALLY enjoyed. Apparently they saved it for Christmas Eve and sipped in front of the tree (aw, ain't that sweet?).