Friday, September 15, 2006


So I was looking through some stuff I've found about NY's fashion week. I was kind of curious to see what would make the runways. Most times its ridiculous and absurd, but in a way that makes you take a double take. It makes me laugh.
Well anyway i was looking and i saw this crazy picture of a girl that was so incredibly skinny it looked like she might not be able to stand on her own. She was modelling a bikini and I remembered something I read about Italy banning "skinny" models on the runways. Hopefully this is the start of celebrating healthy women, not women who have to starve themselves and do drugs to keep their emmaciated figure. Anyways, I'm just trying to get to average.
By the way, i gained some last week (5!), and lost two this week. What the heck!! still down 23, still plodding along. Going to try to cut out alot of the soda I drink and keep a closer eye on my point values. Maybe I'm estimating too much or something, but I will get this right and I will be healthy!!

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mama k said...

Keep your good attitude! You'll get there if you keep doing what you're doing.
BTW, the link didn't work for me.