Wednesday, June 13, 2012

20 months

How can it be that my sweet boy is twenty months. So much has changed since I last updated. He Is made of pure joy. I'm positive of this. Yes, he has his moments but the joy and love he shows to others and new situations is amazing to me. He exuberantly loves life and literally wakes up smiling asking to play with his choo choos every single day.
He runs everywhere and is usually laughing. He can be extremely cautious with some things and absolutely fearless with others. He loves walks and grabs my fingers for walks often, he even loves walks that he rides in the stroller for. He loves bike rides and really really wants to ride our bikes. He will try to get on every time we have them out.
He talks all the time and I love that he can tell me more what he needs and wants. I love that he understands us more now as well.
Well that's it for now. I'll definitely try to update more as time definitely flies by and I want to hold on to these memories we are making now.

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