Monday, January 30, 2012

My sweet boy

I want to bottle 15 months up and save it so I never forget it. My Bug is full of sweetness, smiles and hugs. He bends low and puts his head against you for his hugs and his open mouth big drooly giggle-filled kisses are the highlight of my day. Yesterday he was hugging his plastic animals. He has a tender heart that doesn't like when someone's sad. His Mom-Mom has been sick in bed and he takes every opportunity to give her drinks from his sippy cup and hugs whatever he can reach; her foot, her hand, the mattress. There were two little girls selling girl scout cookies door to door yesterday, he heard them giggling and took off running after them. He caught up to them and just started hugging them and chattering away. I hope to have a heart like his, sweet and kind. My boy, I already want to be like you. May you never stop inspiring me.
Your Mama

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