Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monthly Update-Month 3 on WW

Weight Watchers-24lbs lost
Pre-preg-36.4 lbs lost
preg-51.4lbs lost

This was a month of plodding along, my losses were very small but steady. I know, especially with as much as I need to lose, there will be times when its slow. As my good friend Shanna told me as I lamented to her that it might take 2 YEARS for me to lose all this weight "Two years will come no matter what". Wow, right?! So yes, plod along I will knowing that if I do keep at it, it will eventually come off. I am extremely happy with some things; I got into a pair of pants bought in January that were 4 sizes down from where I started at. Well I didn't only get into them they didn't muffin top me! I also bought a couple of pairs of shorts in that size and they fit well :)

I can tell in my energy levels that I'm at a much healthier place than I was before. My bug better watch out because as I get more fit I might run circles around him!! I have noticed this month that I've become lazy with cooking as of late, so that is my goal for this month to make more nutritious meals at home and have better planning for when I leave the house to bring something healthful and quick.

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