Thursday, May 27, 2010

Long Weekend

This weekend is a little bittersweet for us, the hubs twin brother and family are moving to Virginia on Sat. They currently live about .5 mile away so I was kind of hoping our kids would grow up together but no such luck.
There is a ton of fun stuff going on though, tomorrow I'm heading out to Ocean City NJ to get my beach tags and possibly have some beach time. Then we're having a little BBQ in honor of the VA transplants. Then Sat we have a bbq welcoming home a good friend that moved to Washington State and recently had brain surgery; I can't wait to see her as I've been praying like a fiend for her. Sunday looks like I'm going bowling to celebrate one of my oldest friend's birthday, ha ha oldest friend.. Oh wait, she's younger than me...
Then Monday I'm going to said friends parents house for an annual softball game and picnic.

Pretty busy weekend planned, any big plans?


Katie said...

That's too bad about your bil and his family moving! I hope you enjoy your weekend, anyway. My mom and I and the kids are heading out to Ohio for a couple days for a family get together.

mama k said...

oh yes. but you know all about them. :)