Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Check your Receipts

So one way that I save a good amount of money is checking my receipts when I'm grocery shopping. I've saved so much money by just making sure that the prices I paid were the prices advertised. Most grocery stores have some type of scan rite guarantee where if an item scans for higher than it shows on the shelf you get that item for free. Some times they will not automatically do this and try to give you the difference between the prices but if you ask them if that is their policy they usually will give you the item for free. Went on a quick trip to the grocery store on Monday and ended up with beets and spaghetti squash for free, saved a little over $7 by just making a quick little scan of my receipt.
Just a little something that doesn't take too much time but can really add up.


accesskas27 said...

Good advice!!!! :-)

Jenny said...

That is so smart! I don't normally do that, but I definitely will start.

Joel and I LOVE Indian food! We'll definitely have to get together and do an Indian feast! Last night I made these Rajma curry and egg fried rice. I got these wheat naan breads on sale at ShopRite, too. It was a real treat!